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“Tina is an inspirational speaker and health-care advocate. As a small business person, Tina demonstrates trustworthiness and technical competence. You can count on Tina putting her clients needs first. ~ Larry Gapinski

“Tina is a dynamic, no holds barred, speaker. Her message is authentic and empowering for it’s rooted in her heart and comes from her soul. Tina has the ability to engage an audience while leaving individuals feeling as if they were the only one in the room. ~ Chris Gibson

“Tina is a great speaker. Her personal stories and great passion really help you get into your goals. I would recommend her and her book to everyone!” ~ Milla Austin


“When Tina speaks it is with great confidence & passion. She has a way about her that draws you in. I could listen forever. By attending Soul In Power I have learned to breathe & be able to step back and look at things in a new light.” ~ Dianna Flowers

Tina’s passion, knowledge and insightfulness goes to the inner depth of your soul. I have witnessed first-hand through Soul In Power the positive transformation of several women. Her love is contagious! ~ Traci Cave Isherwood

“Tina is a wonderful leader. The Soul In Power – Burning Bowl event was very beneficial! It helped me release things I have held onto for many years. Tina’s very positive and self loving lessons, are so important for all of us, especially our youth. My teenage daughter still recalls the things she learned from Tina 6 years ago when she was in elementary school. Tina is just amazing, a true blessing!”~ Barbara Gribble


“If you want to live life on purpose and achieve happiness, health, and prosperity, then start here!” ~ Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“Like a modern-day Lao-Tzu, Tina Marie crafts her poems and observations into a philosophy for a loving, conscious, and fullfilling “Way of Life”. Experiencing Serendipity will both warm your heart and aid you in mindfully navigating life’s changes and challenges.” ~ Michael Goodman, M.D., menopausal/sexual medicine and integrative health specialist and author of The Midlife Bible: W Woman’s Survival Guide, and MEN-opause: The Book For Men