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Once Upon a Story

Once Upon a Story 

We love stories, don’t we? We love to tell stories and hear stories.  Some of our favorite stories come from our personal experiences, experiences which have impacted us so much so that we continue sharing the stories over and over with various people along the way.

Story telling is a very healthy way of sharing information; it can be a very unhealthy way of sharing information too.  Everyone’s life is like a book in progress. Our pages are filled with chapters containing all our personal memories, dreams, fantasies and even stories we’ve heard along the way.

Let’s consider the unhealthy nature of storytelling. I believe storytelling can be toxic sometimes, toxic for the person sharing and sometimes for those whom hold audience. When an individual finds themselves repeating their story and even other people’s stories, I think it’s beneficial for them to consider what their intention for sharing is.

For instance, if I share a story based on the need to substantiate the fact that I have been a victim in my life, then telling the story, only validates and perpetuates my life experience of being a victim. If I am holding onto and sharing my “victim story” because I believe it is still the case, then I will continue experiencing being a victim in my life, resulting in feelings that are less then healthy or happy.

Whatever I experience in my life at any given time is often the result of what I believe my truth to be. If I am consistently feeling unhappy or emotionally unhealthy, then, I often find it’s time to evaluate my beliefs and tell a different story or the same story in a healthier way.

People whom exercise telling stories to validate negative feelings and experiences, often times do so out of habit. They may not even realize how their negative habit fosters their less desirable emotional experiences and often contributes to the undesirable experiences of others too.  I believe many people have a tendency to enroll in their personal drama or the drama of others because it validates their belief and need to not be happy.

It doesn’t really make sense that someone chooses to be unhappy does it? As far as I have experienced, most people are on a quest to be happier and healthier! I have learned to pay attention to the topic and content of the conversations/stories I share and have recognized that on occasion my sharing is not as healthy as I would like it to be. This awareness has benefitted me and has helped me learn the value of speaking less and listening more while exercising better discretion when choosing my words.

I am intrigued and humored by what I have learned by observing my own less than perfect storytelling habits! In my second book I am sharing many of my “stories”, as I share am aware of negative story telling effects and positive storytelling value. I’m sharing stories, not to perpetuate my drama, rather to help people gain clarity on their own, by being able to identify with my process of becoming free, free of the negative aspects of perpetuating stories that do not serve in a healthy, happy way.

Becoming conscious of my tendency, on occasion, to share in unhealthy ways has helped me become proactive in my story telling approach and am now exercising healthier storytelling habits! My character is under construction, one awareness; one different choice; one moment at a time.

As we continue on, co-creating the story of our lives and contributing to the chapters that others are creating too, let’s begin sharing and creating the story of our deepest wishes and dreams come true! …. Just for the Health of It!



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