Mission: Create amazing

health and happiness in my personal life

while assisting others seeking the same.

My success comes from helping others succeed!

    • Take yourself on and set yourself free!
    • Stop creating and feeding on drama!
    • Learn to not take things personal!
    • Hold space for others to be perfectly, imperfect just like you!
    • Stop blaming, shaming and perpetuating “poor me”!
    • Design happiness and amazing health then share the benefits!


I offer individuals and families the  opportunity to benefit from one time coaching sessions; ongoing meetings; intensive workshops/seminars and retreats, all designed to assist in maximizing happiness and optimum health. Learn new ways to practice the  – Art of Self-Care and create healthy, happy change while experiencing Life Enhancing results!



 I promote optimum health, happiness and productivity by providing tools and opportunities which assist in the development of Life enhancing skills. I believe in the power of experiential learning and assist others in their process of change, by helping them create and maintain powerful, healthy habits. I understand that the overall health of each individual greatly impacts the function and productivity of their personal lives; their family; their jobs and our society as a whole.


My view of  Holistic health-care upholds that all aspects of people’s needs, psychological, physical, emotional and social, should be taken into account and seen as a whole.

Enjoy Mastering the Art of Self Care!