Life Coach, Author, Soul In Power, Experiencing SerendipityTina Marie is the  founder of Soul In Power. She is a Life-Coach and an award-winning speaker who is a passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge. Tina is a certified facilitator for Darkness to Light, working to educate adults how to recognize, prevent and report childhood sexual abuse. She has been featured at Sacramento State University, UC Davis, The Learning Exchange, Sacramento Police Academy, Sacramento elementary schools, and various other organizations. Tina is a certified massage therapist (CMT) with more than 29 years of experience. She has gained incredible insights from giving and receiving massage therapy and she feels honored to have been given the gift of a healthy touch. As a holistic health care advocate, she enjoys providing workshops and retreats for people who seek improved holistic health for mind, body, and spirit. Tina is the mother of two daughters with a rare health condition (Chiari), and has faced a variety of life challenges and opportunities. She is grateful for her troubled youth which enabled her the experience and  opportunity to breakdown and breakthrough personal adversity. As a result she now seeks to serve today’s youth in overcoming their adversity and gaining healthy, powerful, self esteem. Tina discovered journalism at an early age, and found using the power of words to process and understand her emotions to be a remarkable benefit, as a result she chose to create her first book as a journal with inspirational thoughts for others to reflect upon and be inspired by. Tina was raised in the beautiful Sierra Nevada of Northern California, where she spent some of her most impressionable years living and learning on the beautiful shores of lake Tahoe. Tina believes her success cones from helping others succeed – “Just for the Health of It!”

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